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Please note that we have deleted earlier announcements that were just to say when the next edition would be due. We have left a few items which included other information.

Only selected items of news are now posted on this page.

Please see the link to “past issues”, above, for all editions published since 1996.

The next edition of Bowburn Interchange will be published in June 2018.

Bowburn schools amalgamation [Message posted in November 2017]

One of the most important stories for many years will be about the proposed amalgamation of Bowburn Junior School and Bowburn Infant & Nursery School.

Durham County Council formally announced its proposal on 23rd November, starting a four-week consultation period. Views to be submitted by 21st December.

The full proposal can be downloaded here: Full Proposal to amalgamate Bowburn schools.pdf.

Bowburn Interchange 72 (September 2014) [Message posted in September 2014]

The latest edition of Bowburn Interchange was published in September 2014. It included features about the forthcoming Fun Day, various recent planning applications, this year’s Durham Miners’ Gala and Bowburn’s Eve of Gala concert, and much, much more. See link to “past issues”, above.
[Message posted in September 2014]

Bowburn Interchange 61 (December 2011) [Message posted in December 2011]

The latest edition of Bowburn Interchange went to the printers this week (w/e 10th December).  It will be delivered throughout the Bowburn area during the next week.

We are most grateful, as always, to the local  businesses who, by advertising in our community newsletter, pay for it to be printed. In this edition, these were:

Anderson’s Bakery
Anne's Cars
Armstrong Cleaning Services
Artful Ink Tattoo Studio
Bowburn Chiropody
Bowburn Hall Hotel
The Barber Shop
Bowburn Post Office
Burgess & Hyder, Dental Practice
Cassop cum Quarrington Parish Council
Clarence Villa Garage
Councillors Blakey & Williams
Coxhoe Post Office
Coxhoe Paving
Crowtrees WM Club
Denhamfield Garage
Diamond 84 Window Cleaner
Dunelm Homes
Durham Electrics
The Hair Hair Hut
PC Henderson
Hillrise Guest House
JIT Electrical Contractor
NC Plumbing Services
Paving Factory
Paxtons Sandwich Bar
Ray’s School of Motoring
R&C Builders
Somal’s Lifestyle Express
Tai Chi
Village Care
Winwood & Ridley, Bookmakers
P. Woods, Joiner Service

We wish a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our advertisers and, of course, to all our readers.

“Blown down in the wind” – tributes to the Bowburn Rocket
[Message posted in December 2009]

Three readers have kindly sent poems, or songs, and cartoons to mark the end of Bowburn’s Rocket – the bell spire of Christ the King Church, which blew down on 3rd October.  Unfortunately, space will not allow us to print them in the next edition of Bowburn Interchange, though we plan to include one of the cartoons. However we hope you enjoy them here.

 Blown down in the wind

 That Rocket---Man



50th Bowburn Interchange (March 2009) [Message posted in March 2009]

The latest Bowburn Interchange is the 50th edition since the newsletter was first produced in December 1996.

The first one was put together by volunteers attending a course on journalism and how to produce a community newsletter, organised by Bowburn Village Celebration (B.V.C.), at Bowburn Community Centre.

On page 7 of the latest edition, we show thumbnails of the first 49 front pages.

Issues produced since March 2004 can be downloaded from the “Past Issues” link on this site.

Hard copies of all editions can be viewed at Bowburn Library.

B.V.C. would like to thank all those who, by their adverts, pay our printing costs and make publication possible.

The following local businesses started advertising in Bowburn Interchange at least ten years ago and are still doing so: Anderson’s Bakery, Bowburn Hall Hotel, Bowburn Post Office, Bowburn Tandoori, Clarence Villa Service Station, Henderson, K.&E. Atkinson, R&C Builders and Village Care.

Interchange 50 is due back from the printers on 20th March. Copies will be delivered by volunteers to all households in the village during the following days. A pdf copy can be downloaded from our ”Past Issues” web-page.

Bowburn Mining Memorial (November 2006) [Message posted in November 2006]

The following men and boys, who were killed at Bowburn Colliery, will be listed on the Mining Memorial being erected in Bowburn Community Centre.  This is the final list unless any amendments are received by 12th November, after which it will go to the engravers.

    1966    Adam H. Cowley (60)
    1966    Tommy Charlton Calder (50)
    1964    Thomas Corner (50)
    1963    George (“Micky”) Milburn (42)
    1962    William Peverall (48)
    1962    James L. Ellerby (50)
    1958    John William Hutchinson (41)
    1957    Surtees Simpson (57)
    1956    Hugh Bryden (18)
    1956    Ralph Carter (49)
    1953    Joseph Bunce (44)
    1952    Henry Morton (25)
    1952    William Morgan (49)
    1951    Edwin Bryan (53)
    1948    Thomas Stoker (55)
    1948    James Beattie Bell (46)
    1948    Fred W. Crossley (41)
    1948    Sidney Blackburn (22)
    1948    John T. Rose (39)
    1947    William Joseph Bateson (29)
    1947    George T. Hogg (59)
    1946    James W. Knight (61)
    1946    Andrew Smith (53)
    1946    John A. Halliday (20)
    1945    Alexander Weir (26)
    1945    Naisbett Wilson (37)
    1944    Joseph Watson (39)
    1944    Richard Hewison (45)
    1944    Wm. Dennis Gibson (18)
    1943    Joseph Blythe (57)
    1942    William Scott (19)
    1942    Robert William Stapleton (43)
    1940    William Thompson (55)
    1939    Nichol Swainston (20)
    1939    Thomas William Kendle (31)
    1938    Michael Richard Marr jnr. (21)
    1938    Joseph Hutchinson (43)
    1936    Christopher Smallwood (51)
    1935    Joseph Platts (51)
    1935    John Pennock (19)
    1935    James Lawson (46)
    1934    George Connaughton (36)
    1934    Scott Barlow (26)
    1933    Robert Moore (14)
    1933    Stephen Allison (18)
    1932    William Cowings (58)
    1930    John Allison (29)
    1925    Thomas Robinson (27)
    1923    Edward Cranson (15)
    1923    Benjamin Hepple (57)
    1922    William Kemp Wheatley (30)
    1912    Joseph Ferguson (17)

The following Bowburn miners, who died in colliery accidents after Bowburn Colliery closed, will also be listed.

    1990    Thomas Taylor (42) (Westoe)
    1982    William Stokoe (53) (East Hetton)
    1970    Keith Broom (31) (Metal Bridge)
    1967    John Evans (17) (East Hetton)