Bowburn Interchange - Past Issues

The latest edition of Bowburn Interchange was published in March 2024.

It was delivered to nearly 3,000 households in and around the village.

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Bowburn Interchange has been published about four times a year since December 1996. Before that, BVC produced an A4 newsletter, initially in the lead-up to celebrating the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II, in 1995. The Interchange has always been A3 in size. Originally, it was in black & white but it has been in full colour since no. 37.

Earlier editions of Bowburn Interchange and BVC News are no longer listed separately here.

To view these, please go to Bowburn Interchange - First & earliest issues.

We are grateful to all the local advertisers who make regular publication of our newsletter possible. These are distributed throughout the Bowburn area currently nearly 3,000 households.

Hard copies of all editions, including the early ones, are kept in Bowburn Library and in the History & Heritage Room in Bowburn Community Centre.

Issue Number Dates Issue Number Dates
Interchange 104 December 2023 Interchange 105 March 2024