Editorial Policy

Statement of BVC’s Editorial Policy for Bowburn Interchange

1. All editions of Bowburn Interchange will carry a disclaimer, pointing out that views published in the newsletter do not necessarily represent the views of Bowburn Village Celebration and that no responsibility can be accepted for any damage that may arise from the publication of erroneous information.

2. It is BVC's editorial policy to try to help Bowburn develop positively and to look forward to positive outcomes for the village.

3. We believe that the sharing of news and information amongst all villagers contributes to the positive development of the village.

4. The newsletter is strictly non-political and aims to be as balanced, factual and informative as possible.

5. We will not normally publish individuals’ controversial views but stick to the facts as we believe them to be. Controversial viewpoints which can be divisive will therefore normally be avoided.

6. Avoidance of controversial viewpoints should not, however, mean censorship, when important issues for the village are involved. If controversy cannot be avoided, then BVC's aim is to achieve balance by the presentation of different viewpoints.

7. Errors published in Bowburn Interchange will be corrected in a subsequent edition wherever possible, with apologies for any such errors or misrepresentations.

8. BVC’s Committee reserves the right to choose which articles to include in its publications and to edit all articles in line with the above policy statements or for reasons of space.

This policy was agreed by BVC’s AGM on 2nd August 2005